Salient Features

  • Supports 'Digital' and 'Electronic' signatures
  • Supports signing from desktop, laptop
  • Supports client-side signing using eTokens
  • Supports server-side signing using HSMs or PKCS#12 (PFX) files
  • Allows signing using PKI certificate issued by any certifying agency (CA)
  • Allows defining customized workflows
  • In-premise application hosting
  • Supports bulk signing of documents
  • Supports multi-party signing
  • Supports multiple signatures on single document
  • Supports signing on multiple or all pages in one go
  • Supports variety of options for positioning signature block on pages and within a page
  • Intimates signer when the files are uploaded and ready to be signed
  • Intimates users when the files are signed and ready for download
  • Allow uploader to mention the “Sign Near Text” for every recipient where the signature will appear
  • Allows multiple parties to sign single documents by creating the workflow
  • Allows any signer to sign the file without any user registration process. User can sign and send the document for further signing just by using email address

instaSigner functionalities

Bulk signing using digital certificate on HSM or PFX file:

User uploads a zip containing files to be signed. The files get signed using signer’s certificate on the HSM or PFX file. The signer’s consent to signing the files is captured along with current time, IP address and many other pieces of information to make the transaction secure and auditable. The user is informed when the signed files are ready which can be downloaded as zip containing the signed PDF files.

Bulk signing using certificate on USB Token:

User uploads a zip containing files to be signed and the signer gets intimation. Signer signs the files (few hundred at a time, using a paginated UI) using digital certificate stored on a USB token plugged-in on user’s machine. The signed files can be downloaded as zip containing the signed PDF files.

Signing / approval flow:

A workflow suitable to the Organisation can be designed where users can upload single file or zip containing multiple files to be signed. The signer will get intimation of the uploaded files and s/he can sign the selected files. The second signer is informed when the files are ready. After all the signers have signed the files, the user gets intimation that signed files are ready. These files can be then downloaded as zip containing the signed PDF files.

Bulk verification of signed files

The user uploads a zip of signed PDF files. The instaSigner service verifies the files and verification results are classified as success or failure. The files are removed from the uploaded location upon verification and the user is informed when the verification is complete. User can then download the CSV file containing the result of verification. The files which succeed and/or failed are optionally available to download.